Novel Name : Billionaire CEO: Absolutely Pampered and Tsundere Wife

Chapter 30

But if you look closely, you will see that behind Qiao Luoshi's beautiful smile, there are drops of heart-wrenching blood and tears.
However, Qiao Sisi did not see it.
When Qiao Sisi heard Qiao Luoshi admit that she betrayed Ling Muhan's feelings and loved Gu Ziming deeply, Qiao Sisi was already extremely disappointed with Qiao Luoshi. In Qiao Sisi's view, it was Qiao Luoshi's fault that Ling Muhan made the Qiao family like this.
Because if she were Ling Muhan, she would make her sister pay a heavier price than she is now.
But at the same time, Qiao Sisi felt a sense of relief in her heart, as if the big rock that had been suppressing and blocking her was finally gone. Therefore, although Qiao Sisi was very angry with Qiao Luoshi, Qiao Sisi did not express such emotions on the face.
"Then..." Qiao Sisi smiled, and stared deeply at Qiao Luoshi with her eyes, "...I wish my sister happiness! Sister, I want to go back to school, and I have classes tomorrow." Right now, Qiao Sisi's best What I want to do is to separate from Qiao Luoshi, Gu Ziming and others as soon as possible.
She didn't want to get that disgusting smell of betrayal on herself.
"Okay." Qiao Luoshi's uneasy heart calmed down instantly when she heard Qiao Sisi's words, "I'll take you back."
Then Qiao Luoshi and Qiao Sisi walked out of the clubhouse first.
"Zi Ming, it seems that your road to love and marriage will be very difficult." Tang Yifan said sincerely after Qiao Luoshi and Qiao Sisi left.
People like Tang Yifan, Ou Hao, and Ji Sichen all have eagle-like eyes and a wolf-like sense of smell. Although this Qiao Luoshi is a master at hiding her emotions, she still lacks the sophistication of social experience after all, because they can see through her inner thoughts at a glance.
Although they didn't know anything about the marriage between Gu Ziming and Qiao Luoshi. However, there is one thing they can be sure of, that is, Qiao Luoshi definitely did not marry Gu Ziming because of love.
From their point of view, the marriage between Gu Ziming and Qiao Luoshi may be just a contract to a large extent.
It's just..."Zi Ming, don't you...are you really attracted to Qiao Luoshi?" Before Gu Ziming could speak, Ou Hao couldn't help asking tentatively.
After all, in this marriage, Qiao Luoshi's interests can be seen through at a glance, but what about Gu Ziming's interests?
You know, this Gu Ziming is a businessman.
And the pursuit of profit is a
The most basic and highest principle of a businessman!
Especially for a shrewd person like Gu Ziming, how could he allow himself to do business at a loss? Unless... Gu Ziming has fallen in love with Qiao Luoshi, that's why he is willing to do everything for Qiao Luoshi.
Therefore, as soon as Ou Hao asked this question, Ji Sichen and Tang Yifan immediately looked up at Gu Ziming curiously.
"Do you love?"
At this time, Gu Ziming curled his lips into an evil smile, his deep eyes were slightly narrowed, and his face was deep, making it impossible to see what Gu Ziming was thinking at this moment.
"Maybe." After a while, Gu Ziming continued to speak slowly: "But... in this world, marriage is never maintained by love. So what if you love, so what if you don't love. My wife is Qiao Luoshi!"
The implication is that no matter what, he, Gu Ziming, will never let go of Qiao Luoshi's hand.
This is Gu Ziming, once identified, even thousands of troops will not be able to pull him back.
But this is also the charm of Gu Ziming.
After hearing Gu Ziming's answer, Ou Hao, Tang Yifan, and Ji Sichen looked at each other, then Ou Hao stood up and said to Gu Ziming: "Okay. Since you have thought it through, as friends, we All bless you."
"Yes. We all support you." Tang Yifan nodded in agreement.
"Of course I support you." Ji Sichen smiled funny as always, "It's just Zi Ming, is it really okay for you to let your wife go to send your sister-in-law back to school like this? After all, your wife is pretty good looking." You are quite pretty, in case some disciples fall in love with your wife, in case..."
However, Ji Sichen's "what if" conjecture has not been uttered yet, Gu Ziming is already like a whirlwind, striding towards Qiao Luoshi in a swift pace.
"There's another show!" Seeing this, Ji Sichen was very happy and excited, and wanted to catch up.
It's just that as soon as Ji Sichen stepped forward, Ou Hao and Tang Yifan seemed to have discussed it beforehand, and they pulled Ji Sichen from left to right.
"Why?" Ji Sichen was unhappy, "Don't worry, I'm not making light bulbs, I'm be a driver for Zi Ming and Qiao Luoshi."
"Come on. Ziming has no shortage of drivers like you." Tang Yifan placed a heavy hand on Ji Sichen's shoulder, "Sichen, I think now is the time for us to make a bet."
"What bet?" Ji Sichen didn't realize it for a while.
"Zi Ming and Qiao Luoshi
. Ou Hao let go of Ji Sichen, put his arms around his body and raised his chin, unable to hide his excitement, and said, "Just bet how long it will take Ziming to get rid of Qiao Luoshi, a fierce girl." "
"Okay." Hearing this, Ji Sichen became interested in an instant, "Then what is the bet? Let me tell you first, the bet should be a little higher, otherwise it would be too fun. After all, Gu Ziming only made this kind of money in his life." One marriage. If you miss this one, you will have to wait until the next life."
"It's natural." Tang Yifan readily accepted, "That's good, whoever loses the bet will hold a wedding of the century for Gu Ziming and Qiao Luoshi."
"Okay!" Ou Hao nodded in agreement.
"Okay." Ji Sichen didn't have the slightest objection, "I'll bet for three months!" Although Qiao Luoshi was a difficult nut to crack, Gu Ziming was also a master. If Gu Ziming can't handle Qiao Luoshi within three months, then he will be the CEO of FL First International for nothing.
Ou Hao pointed out a finger, "One month!"
"Fifty days!" Tang Yifan said.
"Ah? You..." Ji Sichen was speechless, and his time was actually the longest. It's just that Tang Yifan's cell phone rang before he could finish his complaint.
Tang Yifan took out his phone and looked at the caller ID, "Oops, my wife's call, I'm going back to the hotel now." Then, almost completely ignoring Ou Hao and Ji Sichen, Tang Yifan left in a hurry.
Seeing this, Ou Hao and Ji Sichen couldn't help being so astonished that their jaws almost dropped to the ground.
"Hey! Sure enough, marriage is a tomb." Ji Sichen said with sincere emotion: "Ou Hao, it seems that you and I are the only ones sticking to the line of single nobles. Brother, it's okay, don't betray me, secretly Go talk about a relationship or something. If that's the case, I'll be a loner, and I'll be so pitiful..." As he spoke, Ji Sichen deliberately put on an expression of wiping tears, and pretended to be someone who was looking for comfort. To Ou Hao.
But Ou Hao didn't have the leisure to make fun with Ji Sichen.
The moment Ji Sichen stretched out his head to lean against him, Ou Hao walked out of the club with a very determined side of his body, "I'm going back to the hotel to sleep, here you deal with the aftermath!"
Immediately, Ji Sichen was speechless and asked the sky. He was really careless in making friends, and unexpectedly met such a group of bad friends. But... Ji Sichen glanced at the messy hall.
Was all this tonight really just an accident, a coincidence?
Gu Ziming also had the same idea as Ji Sichen.
(end of this chapter)


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