Novel Name : Good morning, my husband

Chapter 30

"What's wrong?"
She asked with tears in her eyes, clutching her second-injured nose, secretly complaining in her heart: Before you stop, at least remind me, don't you know it hurts?
"It's nothing, it's just that it's lunch time, and I come out to eat; and eating with me is also your duty every day, that's all!"
"Oh I got it!"
Zuo Shengxia nodded, accepting what he said.
That's right, the bond between her and him is maintained by the contract. It is impossible for Gu Luojin to rush over to find her because she is worried that she will get lost, let alone come to find her for dinner.
It's all just that she should fulfill this obligation!
After recognizing the facts, Zuo Shengxia was easily relieved.
However, Gu Luojin didn't look very happy, and the lines of his side face were inexplicably cold.
After leaving the school, Gu Luojin took Zuo Shengxia to a western restaurant near the school.
The decoration of this restaurant is very high-end, dim yellow lights surround the interior, the walls are decorated with red velvet, and the hanging decorations are matched with black and white, which cleverly creates a strong traditional New York flavor.
After the two entered, a waiter greeted them enthusiastically, politely took them to a seat, and began to order.
"What to eat?"
After receiving the menu handed over by the waiter, Gu Luojin asked Zuo Shengxia a question.
Zuo Shengxia seldom came to this kind of place to eat. When he saw a bunch of English on the menu, some could understand it, some couldn't, so he pushed the menu back with embarrassment, and said, "You should order, I will You can eat anything as long as you can fill your stomach."
Gu Luojin glanced at her, and immediately spoke a lot of English to the waiter.
Half an hour later, the dishes were almost ready, and Zuo Shengxia was too shocked to speak by the large table of food in front of him.
"Is that... is it too much?"
Although everything looks delicious, but this is too much, right?
"Didn't you say you want to fill your stomach? These amounts should be enough."
Zuo Shengxia choked on Gu Luojin's words, and almost blurted out: Do you think you are feeding pigs?
But she didn't have the guts to say that, so she could only pick up the knife and fork and eat silently.
Zuo Shengxia was really hungry, and it was rare to be able to eat so well, so he didn't have any scruples.
By the time she felt that her stomach was almost full, half of the food on the table had been wiped out.
As for Gu Luojin, he sat across from him and ate silently throughout the whole process.
Zuo Shengxia watched him secretly, lamenting in his heart that the Creator was unfair.
This man really can't find any flaws in his whole body. He eats very nicely, and the posture of holding a knife and fork is very elegant. Even when he looks like drinking red wine, his noble aura is automatically exuded.
In short, this man who was not in the same world as her was actually eating with her.
Zuo Shengxia had the illusion that he was dreaming!
"From the beginning of the meal to the present, you have looked at me sixty-three times, can you be full just by looking at me?"
Just when Zuo Shengxia peeked at him again, the man finally raised his eyes.
The four eyes collided in the air without warning, and Zuo Shengxia swiped his face away, a fiery heat was gradually burning on his cheeks.
Even if you peeked, you were caught right away.
She coughed twice in embarrassment, and explained falteringly: "Sorry, I didn't mean to see you."
What Zuo Shengxia said was true.
This man always involuntarily attracts other people's attention. Perhaps he didn't realize that since they came in, there have been countless female guests who have kept glancing in this direction.
He is like a luminous body, which can make people focus their eyes unconsciously.
"Then what do you mean, I look so good that you don't even have the mood to look at me?"
Gu Luojin narrowed her eyes, deliberately catching the loopholes in her words.
Zuo Shengxia didn't react for a while, and after a long while, he explained in a panic: "I...I didn't mean that, that...I..."
Oops, did she say the wrong thing?
If he replied that he wanted to see him, would he be regarded as a nympho?
But it was answered that he didn't look at it on purpose, why did he look a little angry?
Zuo Shengxia was at a loss, his face was filled with bewilderment.
Gu Luojin raised her eyebrows amused by her funny expression, and ordered: "Listen, you'd better learn how to look at me normally in the future. Since you are destined to be my woman in the future, I don't want to talk or kiss in the future. Even when doing that kind of thing, you dare not even look at me."
In a word, Zuo Shengxia's face was reddened by the success of brushing.
Her cheeks were fiery red, as if congested with blood, she said, "Gu...Mr. Gu, there is someone beside you, you..."
How can you act like no one else, talking about that kind of shame?
If people don't pay for their lives?
Unable to continue, Zuo Shengxia felt that if he stayed any longer, he would probably get under the table, so he hurriedly got up from his seat and said, "I... I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back."
Then, without waiting for Gu Luojin to respond, he immediately ran in the direction of the bathroom in a desperate manner.
Zuo Shengxia ran very fast, and soon left Gu Luojin's sight.
She covered her hot face with her hands and walked forward with her head buried.
Just as she turned a corner, she bumped into a person who had just stood up from her seat.
The man was still holding the juice in his hand, when suddenly Zuo Shengxia bumped him, the cup in his hand fell to the table with a snap.
The cup fell over, and the juice splashed out, followed by a soft cry: "Ah, my skirt."
Seeing that he had caused trouble, Zuo Shengxia hurriedly apologized to that person, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
She raised her head, and there was a very beautiful girl standing in front of her; she looked about her own age, had a pretty oval face, with very delicate makeup on her face, and was wearing the latest set of the season Chanel dress, that overgrown figure is very sexy.
Zuo Shengxia was stunned, and found that it was another familiar face.
Qin Manman——that young female star who has been gaining momentum in China in the past two years, the darling of advertisers and fashion magazines, the goddess of the majority of homeboys...
It's really her!
Zuo Shengxia was a little surprised.
What happened today, first I met Shen Mu, and now I met Qin Manman...
"That... are you okay?"
Zuo Shengxia asked cautiously.
"How can it be okay? How do you walk? My skirt is like this because of you. The person I'm waiting for is coming soon. How can I see him like this..."
Qin Manman's complexion looked very bad, with anger hidden in his eyes, as if he was about to explode.
"I'm really sorry, I was in a hurry just now, how about I clean it up for you first?"
Zuo Shengxia apologized again, and took out a tissue, trying to help her wipe her skirt.
This skirt is white, and now it has a yellow stain on it, which looks very obvious. If you don't wipe it quickly, it may not be washed off.
However, just when Zuo Shengxia's hand was about to touch her skirt, Qin Manman waved his hand violently, knocking her off, and said angrily, "Go away, don't touch me!"
(end of this chapter)


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