Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 150

"Both...all have guns...?"

Upon hearing this, Han Baoren almost cried!

What kind of big job did I take on...

After arriving at Shibei City Zhongcun, he hurriedly summoned all his subordinates, and he had to be careful with repeated orders. He must not let anyone see that they were looking for someone!

The twenty or so strong men who punched black fists nodded one after another:

"I know Boss Han, I'll go ask the local brothers right away!"

"I went to the Honghua Karaoke Hall to find out about Brother Li. He is the subordinate of Old Freak Jiang, and he is in charge of the village in the city."

After a while, everyone dispersed and began to use their contacts to find out where the Sunset Empire spy was.

Han Baoren said to Ning Tianlang:

"Boss Ning, don't worry. In such a small village, everyone can't look up and look down. It's easy to find a foreigner, and the results will probably be available in the afternoon."

As he spoke, he looked around, rubbed his hands and said, "I heard that the barbecue in Lincheng Village is good. How about we find a place to sit down and have a drink?"

"Lincheng Village?"

"Yes," Han Baoren explained, pointing to the sign on the roadside.

"Beicheng Village in this city is made up of several villages, and the most central village is Lincheng Village."

Ning Tianlang smiled slightly: "No, I'm going somewhere, you don't have to follow me, just keep in touch on the phone."

He remembered that Guo Le's hometown was in Lincheng Village.

Now Guo Le is in charge of the construction of the Ning family cemetery and stays at the construction site every day to supervise the work. Read novels in [Hand Cloud Literature] official account!

The last time I saw him, his whole body was as tan as black coal, and the skin on his face was sunburned and peeled.

But he refused to leave the construction site for even a second!

Arriving at Lincheng Village at this time, Ning Tianlang planned to go to his home to visit his father who was paralyzed in bed.

If his sister is at home, you can also ask her if she has seen anyone acting suspiciously recently.

Ning Tianlang went to the small supermarket to buy some fruits and gifts, and then came to Lincheng Village according to Guo Le's file that Zhuang Yucheng had sent him before.

Zhuang Yucheng's home is located on a hillside in the northernmost part of Lincheng Village. It is just a simple bungalow built with red bricks.

He stepped forward and knocked on the door, and heard a girl's voice coming from inside the house: "Who is it?"

"I... am Guo Le's colleague, and I distribute benefits on behalf of the company."

Ning Tianlang pondered for a while, then made up a reason.

Within a few seconds.


The big mottled iron door was slowly pushed open, and a girl with a clean face poked her head out. For more good books, follow the official account of [Ximei Reading], read the bookmarks and send book coins! She was wearing a washed and whitish school uniform with a high ponytail, full of youthful vigor.

She is Guo Le's younger sister, named Guo Yue.

I am eighteen years old this year, a senior high school student.

Guo Yue blinked her black and white eyes: "Are you my brother's colleague?"


Ning Tianlang nodded, showing a harmless smile.

Although he is the God of War of Kunlun who is feared by the enemy, he is actually only 22 years old this year.

And with a fresh and handsome face, Guo Yue instantly let go of her vigilance.

"Come in quickly."

After letting Ning Tianlang into the room, she was a little embarrassed and said:

"My house is very small, with only two rooms. My father has limited mobility and is lying in the bedroom inside. You can sit here for a while."

Ning Tianlang saw that there was only an iron frame bed and a small desk in this small dim room.

Shabby and dilapidated, humid and hot. [Pocket Cloud Literature], giving you a brand new reading experience!

Even the wall skin has fallen off.

"Is this your room?"

His voice was a little rough.

He suddenly understood why Guo Le didn't dare to speak up when he was slapped by Qi Xiaoyun until the corner of his mouth was bleeding.

After understanding why he gave him a job, he would follow him so wholeheartedly.

All of this is because he carries such a poor family on his shoulders...

Ning Tianlang took a deep breath and said slowly:

"Don't worry, our boss has always been very generous with his money. Your brother's salary has also risen to 30,000 yuan a month. It won't be long before you will have the money to build a new room."

"Yeah, I heard what my brother said!" Guo Yue nodded vigorously, "He said that Boss Ning is the kindest, best and most handsome person he has ever seen in his life!"

She cupped her cheeks in her hands, with longing on her face: "If only I could see this excellent Boss Ning!"


Ning Tianlang showed embarrassment, but he didn't expect Guo Le to praise him to such an extent.

"You're still young, just study hard. When you get into a good university, I guarantee you can meet Boss Ning!"

"Really!" Guo Yue said excitedly, "That's great! I will definitely study hard!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a frantic banging on the door from outside!

"Open the door! Open the door quickly! Don't fucking play dead for me! If you don't open the door again, I will set fire to death, believe it or not?!"


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