Novel Name : Life at the Top

Chapter 2367

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A loud slap swung across the guard’s face.

He cupped his cheek and looked at the two Somer descents in disbelief. He could not believe that they
would dare to hit him on the Elvis family’s territory.

“What the f*ck? Someone’s causing trouble, go…”

The guard’s shout ended abruptly thanks to the appearance of a white pocket pistol.

The barrel was shoved into his mouth, all he needed was a pull of a trigger and his brain would explode
like a watermelon.

The other guards were shocked by what they saw.

They did not truly expect to be able to stop Jagoan and Jagoan from entering the venue. The order
they received was just to humiliate the two guests of Somer descent who were invited at the last
minute. However, instead of trying to make a phone call and ask for help, Jagoan and Jagoan decided
to pull out a gun.

“I believe it’s about time your colleague here make the phone call to confirm whether there are any
guests of Somer Descent, don’t you think so?”

Jagoan smiled as if he was not the one shoving the gun into the guard’s mouth.

Frantic, another guard quickly walked to the side and called someone in the family for further

The Caucasian men and women looked at Jagoan with admiration from the sidelines.

“He‘s decisive and quick. Not bad. I didn’t know there were such people in Somerland, but I wonder
which family he came from?”

“It’s weird because according to our nation’s intelligence, Somerland can’t have sent someone over.
Their hands haven’t stretched all the way to Qari yet.”

“No, there’s still that Somer descendant who was behind the international financial chaos. He’s in Qari.”

“Wait… You mean Jagoan Laine who participated in that financial war that shocked the world? Jagoan
Laine from JW Foundation?”

Everyone looked at Jagoan with surprise.

They did not know that the legendary Jagoan Laine was so young.

Jagoan ignored the curious gazes that fell on him as he waited idly for the guard to make his call.

Just then, a roar erupted from the distance. “It’s you!”

Kimbra had arrived at the venue with a group of bodyguards in tow.

Once he walked over, he immediately recognized Jagoan and Jagoan. They were the ones who
attacked him last night.

“Dammit! What a coincidence to see you two here! They were the ones who attacked me, kill them

With that, the sound of guns being loaded rang out as the bodyguards all raised their guns and pointed
it at Jagoan and Jagoan.

Jagoan remained calm, but Jagoan seemed worried. He regretted not bringing more subordinates to

Jagoan had an important role to play today. Jagoan could not afford to let anything happen to Jagoan
right now.

“Is this is how the Elvis family treats their guests?” Jagoan questioned loudly, unafraid even with so
many gun barrels pointing at him.

Right after he spoke, a round of applause rang out.

“Very courageous. As expected of Mr. Laine, a man who dared to come to Qari with only one
bodyguard… I’ve heard many stories about you!”

A middle-aged man donned in white robes slowly made his way over from a corner.

From his words, it was clear that he had been watching the scene for quite some time.

Despite his laid-back tone, a closer look at the man’s expression would tell you that he was displeased.

At the same time, someone gasped. “You’re Jagoan Laine?”

Kimbra’s expression was filled with disbelief.

He remembered clearly that his father Baltimore had outwardly voiced his admiration for Jagoan. He
also knew that Jagoan had come to Qari to help his father.

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