Novel Name : Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2084

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Novel by desirenovel–Hugh continued: “Brother, why didn’t your phone answer my

Hayden: “For d*mn Kevin, I kept it on silent.”

Hayden scolded Kevin, and then asked his younger brother: “How can you use the hotel’s internal
phone at home?”

“I’m at the hotel. I’m at the front desk. York’s Brown Candy is also there. The two of us came to pick
you up for lunch. Also, bro, you and York’s Brown Candy are on Jensburg’s hot search again. If you’re
in the mood, you want to see, just go and see.”

Hayden immediately hung up the phone, and after putting down the receiver, she also sat up from the
bed, took the phone, turned off the mute first, and changed it to ringtone.

Then she went to see Jensburg’s trending searches.

She’s really on the hot search again.

The photo was taken last night when she went for a walk with Kevin.

Those paparazzi were really awesome. The two of them left the hotel through a secret passage. At that
time, it was already dark and no one was walking around on the street. Paparazzi even took a photo of
the two of them together.

The content of the report was that she and Kevin secretly went out on a date in the dead of night
without even bringing bodyguards.

Said that she might have been captured by Kevin, but changed the subject and said that the two had
conflicts. She kept a cold face the whole time, and her attitude towards Kevin was also very bad, as if
she was arguing.

He also said that maybe she hadn’t been captured by Kevin, but she was so entangled by Kevin that
she had to take advantage of the dead of night to talk to Kevin, so she had a bad attitude and a bad
face the whole time.

After reading the content of the report, Hayden heaved a sigh of relief.

The paparazzi captured her and Kevin, but they didn’t dare to get too close, so they didn’t hear the
content of the conversation between her and Kevin, so they could only rely on speculation to report this
gossip news.

At the same time, Hayden felt that paparazzi had nothing to report, why did they keep staring at her
and Kevin?

Had they ever seen two men fall in love?

It’s all Kevin, if it wasn’t for Kevin, she wouldn’t be involved.

Although, in the past, she often appeared on news, such as how many admirers she had, how many
crazy things those admirers did for her, and so on.

But those reports rarely hit the trending searches.

Since Kevin publicly pursued her, she had been frequently searched.

Hayden also knew that everyone was waiting for the result of her and Kevin.

In the rest area on the first floor, Hugh and Kevin were sitting together on a sofa, their heads leaning
together and looking at something.

Not long after, a hotel employee came in with two bags containing disposable lunch boxes.

This hotel employee was not from Greenrest Hotel, but an employee from Fortress Hotel diagonally

After the staff of Fortress Hotel came in, they first looked around, and when he saw Kevin sitting on the
sofa in the rest area, he immediately walked over.

“Boss York.” After the employee came over, he respectfully called Kevin. Then he handed the two bags
to Kevin, and said, “Boss York, you ordered the bags to be packed early, and I’ll bring them to you.”

Kevin got up, took the two bags, and nodded. “It’s okay, you can go back to work.”

Hotel employees leave quickly.

As soon as he left, Hayden appeared on the first floor, followed by several of her bodyguards.

She accompanied by bodyguards, she became the focus as soon as she appeared on the first floor,
and everyone looked at her.

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