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Chapter 1286

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If it weren't for the fact that he had the same eye color as Silas, he might have doubted that he was
Silas's biological child, and that's why Silas didn't love him.

Later, he realized that Silas was not incapable of love.

Silas had a woman in his heart, and he devoted all his emotions to her. This woman also made
Cordelia quite jealous.

Seeing Zephyr's downcast appearance, the subordinate held their breath, not daring to make a sound.

About ten minutes later, when Zephyr looked up again, his face had returned to its normal color. He
finished the last sip of whiskey and said, “You can go back and rest now.”

However, the subordinate didn't leave in a hurry. “Mr. Juksford, there's something strange I'd like to
report to you.”


“I received news these past few days that someone in Kille is looking for the President's whereabouts.”

It seems that, out of respect for his own father, Zephyr buried Silas in the same cemetery where Mia
Quinn and her husband were laid to rest. As for the Carlo family, he simply told them that Silas had
settled down in another country.

Thus, only a few people knew about Silas's death.

Zephyr asked, “Who is looking for him?”

“I've sent someone to investigate, but there's no news yet,” the subordinate replied.

The subordinate pondered, “I heard that when the President was in charge of the Carlo family, their
business infiltrated Kille. At that time, two local gangs were fighting for territory. The weapons provided
by the President allowed one gang to eliminate their rival and take over all their business. Could it be
that they are seeking revenge against the President?”

The news that several major mafia families, who had been entrenched in Lostaria for decades, were
wiped out by the government in a single day, shocked the entire world.

Those people thought the Carlo family had declined, and they all took the opportunity to seek revenge
for their grievances and resentments.

Upon hearing this, Zephyr revealed a disdainful smile. “If they're really seeking revenge on the
President, I'd like to see just how capable they are.”

The subordinate also felt that those people were somewhat overestimating their abilities.

Zephyr glanced at his phone and saw that more than an hour had passed. He guessed that Johanna
must have finished taking her bath by now.

He didn't chat with his subordinate any further and went back to his room carrying his clothes.

Johanna had just finished taking a bath and returned wearing a set of beige, palace-style pajamas. She

was sitting cross-legged on a woven mat, blow-drying her hair.

After soaking in the natural hot spring for a while, my skin turned a faint shade of light pink.

As she raised her arm, the hem of her nightgown followed, revealing a slender waist and a bulging
belly. Her fair skin was incredibly eye-catching.

Zephyr felt a dryness in his throat and swallowed, walking over to her side and putting down the bag.

“I'll help you.”

Johanna pulled her hand back forcefully, not allowing him to take away the hairdryer. “No need, I have
hands and can dry my hair by myself.”

Zephyr smiled and didn't insist further.

He walked towards the wall and pressed the service bell next to the switch, asking the waiter to bring a
cup of warm milk to the room.

After returning, he took out the contents of the bag, tore open the packaging box of folic acid, poured a
pill of folic acid from the bottle, and handed it to Johanna along with some warm water.

Johanna picked up the outer packaging box and glanced at it.

When she first found out she was pregnant, Timothy would give her a folic acid tablet every day, which
seemed to be from this brand.

Johanna no longer had any doubts and took the folic acid with some warm water. Meanwhile, Zephyr
picked up the hairdryer from the floor, sat behind Johanna, and gently helped her dry her hair.

“I'll do it myself.” Johanna reached out to grab the hairdryer.

Zephyr raised his hand high, preventing her from reaching it. He lowered his head at the same time,
and just as Johanna lifted her head, her forehead gently brushed against his thin lips.

Zephyr squinted his eyes and stared at her with a smile, “Jojo, are you kissing me?”

“I didn't!”

As I got closer to her, the faint scent of milk on her body became more apparent. Just one whiff was
enough to ignite a burning desire within me.

Zephyr's breathing became unsteady, his gaze fell on her moist lips, then slid down to the collarbone
exposed from her nightgown's neckline. His eyes slowly turned red.

He didn't act as recklessly as before, leaning down close to Johanna and whispered softly:

“Jojo, can you give me a kiss, please?”

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