Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1487

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"She's six to seven years younger than you. Seven years ago, when you participated in the Doomsday
Battlefield together, you were already at the early-stage Grand Master Realm, and she was only a
Master at that time. However, according to what I know, Yu Huang was already at the early-stage
Grand Master Realm two years ago. We don't know her current cultivation level, but you have to know
that although you're at the peak of the late-stage Grand Master Realm, you still haven't broken through
to the Prime Master Realm."

"She only used five years to reach the Grand Master Realm from the Master Realm. This isn't
something an ordinary person can do. Not to mention you, even Zhan Wuya can't compare to her.
Besides, she's a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master." Jing Ruge's expression became even more serious
when he mentioned the Purifying Spirit Art.

Jing Ruge told Jing Jiaren, "Two years ago, the matter of God Ling Xiao purifying Ye Qingchen's spirit
all by himself made the Purifying Spirit Art famous. On the Cang Lang Continent, Purifying Spirit
Masters, blacksmiths, pharmacists, and Beast Tamers are the four official professions in the cultivation
world. Many major families in the Cang Lang Continent send their disciples to the Purifying Spirit
Master Academy to take the test and learn the Purifying Spirit Art."

At this moment, the Fourth Elder also said, "It's not just the Cang Lang Continent. Two winters ago,
Prime Emperor Mo Xiao of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan sent more than a hundred outstanding disciples of
the clan to the Cang Lang Continent to learn from God Ling Xiao. The major families of the other
worlds followed suit. This spring, even the Jing Clan sent more than ten disciples to the Beast Tamer
Academy. Unfortunately, they were all rejected by the Purifying Spirit Master Academy. The reason was
that none of them could pass the Purifying Spirit Master Academy's test."

The more she listened, the more shocked Jing Jiaren became. "Is the Purifying Spirit Master Academy
that snobby?"

"It's not that they're putting on airs." The First Elder held an electronic cigarette as he blew out a
mouthful of smoke behind him and said in a low voice, "It's just that the conditions to become a
Purifying Spirit Master are too strict. Because Beast Tamers are born to be combative, it's impossible
for them to become a Purifying Spirit Master. Those who can become a Purifying Spirit Master are all
people with compassion. Do you think Yu Huang, as a Beast Tamer and a Purifying Spirit Master, is an
ordinary person?"

Jing Ruge nodded. He agreed with the First Elder's opinion of Yu Huang.

Jing Ruge warned Jing Jiaren, "Jiaren, you must not underestimate Yu Huang. Since she almost beat
Zhan Jianxue to death when she first entered a super Great World, it's enough to prove that she is a
cruel and ruthless person. However, she was able to become a Purifying Spirit Master. What does this

After Jing Jiaren thought about it seriously, she frowned and said, "She can become a fierce battle god
and a benevolent Purifying Spirit Master. She can split herself into two. One side is extremely kind, and
the other side is ferocious."

"That's right."

Jing Ruge lamented, "For Prime Emperor Divine Miracle to take her in as his disciple, it means that Yu
Huang must have something outstanding about her. Be it Prime Emperor Divine Miracle or Yu Huang,
they won't treat the Divination Conference as a game. They'll definitely come prepared."

After Jing Ruge stood up and placed his hands on the edge of the table, he stared at Jing Jiaren as he
said, "Jiaren, you've been on high ground for too long. If you underestimate your opponent, you'll fail
miserably. The competitor you need to be wary of the most is Yu Huang."

Upon hearing this, Jing Jiaren was shocked.

After she looked up and met her father's serious gaze, she stopped underestimating her opponent.

"Daddy, don't worry." Jing Jiaren stood up and bowed to Jing Ruge and the elders as she said, "In this
competition, I definitely won't underestimate my opponent. I'll definitely do my best. I'll go back to my
room and wash up now."

"Alright, go back and rest well. Don't cultivate tonight. Only then can you participate in the grand event
in good spirits tomorrow morning."

"I understand."

After leaving the Elder Conference Room, Jing Jiaren passed through a vibrant maple forest before
returning to her small building. The first floor of the small building was the Cultivation Hall and garden.
Inside, there was a dining room, tea room, and her bedroom.

As soon as Jing Jiaren entered the garden, a red-furred lion jumped down from the roof and landed in
front of Jing Jiaren. Then, it rubbed against Jing Jiaren's waist affectionately. Jing Jiaren placed her
hand on the red-furred lion's head before rubbing it hard.

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