Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 1093

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"Are you going? Or are you not allowing me to go?" Gale asked.

"I was afraid it might scare you."

"I'm not as fragile as you think.Let's go," Gale said.

She went out first.

Shawn frowned deeply but still followed.

The place where Winnie was detained was at the foot of a remote mountain.

There were no street lights, it was pitch black everywhere, and it was extremely quiet that you could
hear the calls of various unknown small animals.

Even on the way there, Gale clearly saw a big snake slowly crawling across the road in front of the

Her back hairs raised up, and thin goosebumps appeared on her arms.

The car eventually stopped in front of an abandoned second- story house.


The bodyguard stepped forward and opened the car door respectfully.

As Shawn got out of the car, he saw Gale standing beside him numbly, her body tightly pressed against

Usually, she wished she could put a galaxy distance away from him.

"Afraid? It's okay.Nothing can hurt you now," Shawn asked deeply.

The evening wind in the mountains was chilly.

"Why did you leave Winnie here? This place is too out of the way," Gale asked.

"This is where she wants to stay in her life."

Shawn had already thought about how to torture Winnie bit by bit cruelly! The pain of the body was just
flesh and blood.

Mental torture was the most terrifying! Gale swallowed.

"Shawn, you look..."

"Am I scaring you?"

Shawn's expression softened.

She did not answer but just pushed him, beckoning him to go in quickly.

She always felt that some kind of snake, insect, rat, or ant would suddenly pop out! However, the inside
of the house was no better than the outside.

It was dilapidated, the walls were covered with mold, the ground was potholed, and there was an...

indescribable smell in the air.

Gale only felt nauseous, and could not bear it any longer, turned her back and retched.


She waved her hand.

"It's okay...Where's Winnie?"

"Over there."

Winnie was just lying there, her clothes hanging on her body in tatters, almost unable to cover her

Around her mouth was blood that had not dried up.

Gale walked over and called her name, "Winnie."

Winnie, who had closed her eyes just now, suddenly opened them.

"Who? Who is calling me?"

She sat up and stared at Gale as if she did not know her.

It took her a while to realize.

"It's you...Gale! Gale!"

Winnie screamed and wanted to rush toward her.

Before Gale had time to retreat, Winnie had already fallen forward, and with a bang, her face hit the
ground straight.

Then, there was no sound.

Gale stared blankly at this scene.

In the next second, her shoulders warmed up, and Shawn hugged her and stepped back.

"Don't get too close."

The voice was hoarse and thick, and it was extremely magnetic.

"Shawn, it's Shawn...Shawn, you're finally here.You're here to save me, right?"

Winnie supported the ground and slowly raised her head.

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