Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3832

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Verge Tower, which was under Jagoan’s feet, fell on top of Jagoan, and the air hissed.

Energy fluctuations surged and caused the space to vibrate. Countless arrows burst from the
Dragonvale Bow in Jagoan’s hand and launched at Verge Tower.

Jagoan drew the bow three times in a row and produced countless beams of arrows, which caused
Jagoan’s face to turn pale in an instant.


The two attacks collided with a loud explosion, and energy storms raged all over the sky.

Verge Tower, which was under Jagoan’s feet, was blown away by the arrows. The next moment,
energy surged from Jagoan’s body and poured into Verge Tower.

“Suppress! Suppress! Suppress!”

At Jagoan’s command, Verge Tower, which was knocked away, fell toward the arrows with mighty
power again.


After a burst of roars, the space was reduced to silence, except for the surrounding energy storm.

Jagoan’s arrows disappeared, and Jagoan stood quietly on Verge Tower. Jagoan scowled darkly, and
two maces appeared in his hands. The two maces collided with a roar, causing Jagoan to lose his

“Jagoan, let me show you my holy weapon, the Double Dragon Mace!” Jagoan yelled and attacked

The Double Dragon Mace roared, and mace shadows swung out one after another, turning into long
dragons that attacked Jagoan.

A chimera mark appeared on Jagoan’s forehead as his whole body was covered in flames.

He yelled angrily, “Chimera God Fist!”

A huge fist shadow punched out. It turned into a huge fire chimera that rushed toward Jagoan with a
terrifying roar.

When the two collided, energy fluctuations exploded and spread all around.

Jagoan seized the opportunity.

The Lunar Sword appeared in front of him, and his energy surged.

Following his constant hand movements, Jagoan shouted, “Chimera Sword Formation!”

A large formation rose from the ground and enveloped Jagoan as the formation absorbed the
surrounding energy.

Sword shadows gathered above the Chimera Sword Formation.

Jagoan’s energy poured into the Double Dragon Mace, which turned into two soaring dragons. The two
giant dragons roared and slammed into the Chimera Sword Formation.


The chimera formation shook as if it was about to collapse.

At this moment, the sword shadows above the Chimera Sword Formation fell on top of Jagoan.

Following a crackling sound, the Chimera Sword Formation was filled with energy storms.

Jagoan was unfazed and knocked down the surrounding sword shadows as he threw punches one
after another.

Jagoan hid in the Chimera Sword Formation, and the Frosty Flame emerged from his hand. Energy
balls composed of the Frosty Flame attacked Jagoan.

After Jagoan punched down a sword shadow, energy balls attacked him one after another, and he
quickly punched out.


With an explosion, the Chimera Sword Formation was instantly filled with countless white flames.

“Exotic fire!” Jagoan looked at the white flames around him and exclaimed.

The next moment, a trace of white flames marred his hands.

With a wave of fluctuation on Jagoan’s body, a burst of blue light flickered, and the Frosty Flame on his
hand was instantly extinguished.

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