Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1754

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At this time, as long as Caspian relaxed a little, he would be caught by the giant palm.

Even though his Blood Soul was condensed and his Divine Soul was powerful, he was no match for an
Amethyst Palace Realm.

“I will… Do it…”

No one knew if it was because Caspian was in a bad mood, or because the one behind the Gates of
Hell simply could not accept the reality of being chased, the person behind the Gates of Hell made a
sound at this moment.

Although there were only a few words, and the one behind the Gates of Hell was stuttering, Caspian
could still feel a strong dissatisfaction. Caspian narrowed his eyes and continued to fly at full speed.

He shook his head and said, “Wait a minute.”

“If we wait a little longer… We’ll be… Caught up…”

At this time, it was not just a matter of whether Caspian would relax or not.

When Caspian used Wave-like Void Bracelet, he had to fold the void to achieve the effect of going tens
of thousands of miles in an instant.

However, this palm, relying on its own strength, did not care about these things at all.

It ran wildly all the way, and its speed was not affected at all.

At this rate, even if Caspian could maintain such a state, he would be caught up sooner or later.

In fact, the current situation was already very dangerous.

Almost as soon as Caspian stepped out of a void, the palm caught up with him and smashed the void
into pieces.

Then, it continued to approach him.

During this period, Caspian passed through a high mountain.

After passing by, the palm followed closely behind. With a boom, the high mountain and the
surrounding one thousand kilometers were all blown to flat ground.

Caspian passed through a big river.

The palm followed closely behind.

With a loud boom, the river broke from the middle and changed its direction.

Caspian also passed by a sect.

Although the sect was not big, there were tens of thousands of disciples, including Masters of Heavenly
Spirit Realm.

With a sweep of the palm, cultivators of the sect turned into dust with the creatures within a radius of
one thousand kilometers before they could even react.

Obviously, Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm behind the giant palm was really angry.

He must kill Caspian.

“What… Are you… Waiting for…? ”

A moment later, when the one behind the Gates of Hell saw that Caspian was in danger and that he
had relied on the sudden change in direction several times so that he did not fall into the hands of the

giant palm, the person behind the Gates of Hell was confused and dissatisfied.

“Wait for a while,” Caspian replied.

“Wait for him to collect the corpse.”

The corpse collection here naturally referred to the body of the purple-robed man.

The moment he spoke, Caspian traveled another a thousand miles.

In just a short time, Caspian had rushed out nearly 20,000 miles. He was already on the edge of the
Arctic Wilderness.

Although he had not yet entered the hinterland, he had been covered by a large amount of frost and

Looking around, he could see that the land was wrapped in silver and was frozen for thousands of

The snow was falling for thousands of miles, and no one could be seen.


Numerous icebergs were smashed into pieces by the giant palm.

The broken ice and powder flew straight into the sky, exploded and spread around, reflecting
thousands of colors.

The endless snowfield seemed to have been hit by a giant beast, and the section cracked and
collapsed from the middle.

The entire world of ice and snow seemed to have come to an end.

In the void, the pressure behind Caspian had made him feel difficult to breathe, but he still had to hold
on for a while.

“I don’t just want to get rid of the other party.

This guy is chasing so happily.

I must make him painful,” Caspian gritted his teeth and said.

“Okay…” As if he had understood what Caspian was thinking, the one behind the Gates of Hell said
after that.

As soon as Caspian finished speaking, a spirit boat appeared in the crack in the sky where the palm
had appeared.

Above the spirit boat, there was a flag that belonged to the Ghost Kill Pavilion.

After the spirit boat appeared, it flew straight to the ground.

After a while, a man and a woman flew out of the spirit boat and stood next to the body of the purple-
robed man.

“He was actually killed…” The male cultivator frowned.

There was also a trace of disbelief on the female cultivator’s face.

“If it weren’t for the fact that the Spiritual Master sensed something and I saw it with my own eyes, I
wouldn’t have believed that he would have been killed.

Since Spiritual Master has personally taken action, the murderer will definitely be doomed.”

The male cultivator waved his arm, and a black coffin stood next to them. “Let’s take his body back

“Yes.” The female cultivator nodded and lifted her hand to lift the man’s body off the ground.

But just as the purple-robed man’s body was suspended in the air, something was revealed.

The thing was originally under the body of the purple-robed man, so the male and female cultivators did
not find it before.

Seeing that there was something else under the corpse, the two of them looked at it at the same time.

The next moment, the faces of the two cultivators suddenly changed when they felt the surging spiritual
Qi around them.

They exclaimed at the same time.

“Array map!”

“Murder Array!”

This was a formation map that Caspian had put under the man in purple before he left.

The Golden Flame Immortal Slaying Formation!

Its power could seriously damage a first stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivator.

If the other party was not on guard, it was possible to kill him.

Obviously, the two cultivators, a man and a woman, did not expect that this corpse would be tampered

What was even more unexpected was that the other party was already chased by Spiritual Master of
Amethyst Palace Realm and he still had time to do something on the body.

The golden-red fire spurted out like a volcanic eruption.

In an instant, it engulfed the body of the man in purple and the two panicked faces.

Caspian, who was rushing forward with all his strength in the void, clearly felt the change in the palm.

It was at this moment that a wave of emotion spread out from the palm into the surrounding area.

There were shock, anger, doubt, and confusion. The complex emotions slowed down the movement of
the palm.

Caspian quickly distanced himself from it.

The formation map has worked!

A sharp divine light flashed across Caspian’s eyes.

He, who had been rushing forward, did not take the opportunity to escape further.

Caspian suddenly turned around and shouted, “It’s your turn!”

Like a tide, the black light quickly spread out in the eyes of Caspian.

An aura as horrible as hell enveloped Caspian’s whole body in an instant.

The palm raised and made a grasping motion.

The blood-red light surged in the palm and condensed into Flame Severing of the giant sword.

“Leave… Your hand behind…”

Raising the sword, the palm chopped straight!

Spiritual Master behind the palm obviously had come to the senses at this time.

He raised his hand and grabbed at Caspian like a mountain and a sea, covering the sky and covering
the earth.

In front of this palm, Caspian was as small as sesame seed.

The flames burning in Flame Severing were only the faint glow of fireflies.

However, the instant the sword light slashed out, the flames of the stars suddenly turned into a roaring
dragon, soaring thousands of times, tens of thousands of times!

It was like a red knife cutting through butter.

When the sword fell, the palm was cut off from the wrist. Behind the palm came a roar of anger and

“Get lost…”

Another sword strike!

The sword radiance turned into a ray of multicolored light, like a peacock spreading its tail and shooting
violently in all directions.


The void that Caspian had just passed through was like a passageway that had been burned off from
the middle.

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