Novel Name : The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 4146

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“What’s the point of apologizing to me?”

Kellan smiled faintly and glanced at Harvey.

“Sir York here will decide if he’s going to forgive you.”

“Sir York?”

“Harvey York?”

Cliff clearly understood the situation. When he saw the perpetrator casually sitting while sipping his tea,
his gaze turned fierce and he recalled his son screaming in pain in the hospital’s emergency room.

Despite that, he was quite an experienced man and quickly forced out a smile.

“Sir York, please forgive us! We were ignorant!”

“Please be the better person and let us go.”

“We’ll give you a fair statement about this entire situation!”

Cliff kept bowing as he spoke-he didn’t seem like the chairman of a billion-dollar company at all.

He quickly took out a check before respectfully setting it in front of Harvey.

There were seven whole numbers written on it-it was 1.5 million dollars!

Seeing the check, Zarla’s eyes turned cold.

If it wasn’t for Kellan, she would’ve slapped Harvey in the face already.

Evergreen Capital Group was no match against Kellan’s organization, but they had already figured out
Harvey’s identity.

‘He’s just a live-in son-in-law for the Jean family! What’s so impressive about him?”

They heard that Harvey only had a good relationship with Kellan because Kellan was fooled by his so-
called geomancy arts.

Simply put, to Zarla, Harvey was just a con man.

She couldn’t do anything in front of Kellan, but she wouldn’t hesitate to take action as soon as Harvey
was alone.

She glared at Harvey while gritting her teeth, her gaze filled with murderous intent.

“Thank you for your generosity, CEO Saban, but we’ll end it here since CEO Ruiz is already done
dealing with the situation.”

Harvey smiled, but didn’t take the check.

“I do hope that there won’t be a next time.”

Harvey didn’t care if these two were planning to backstab him.

If Evergreen Capital Group were to come for him, he wouldn’t hesitate to trample on them.

Cliff smiled back.

“What a generous man! Consider it done!”

He sneered in secret.

If it wasn’t for Kellan, I would’ve slapped you to death by now for saying something like this!”

Zarla showed an expression as cold as ice, and turned her nose up at Harvey.

‘How dare a live-in son-in-law like this act so cocky?”

‘How ignorant can he get?”

Kellan could tell that the two were resentful and wanted to get revenge on Harvey, but he couldn’t be
bothered to say anything.

After all, if they dared to go against Harvey, they’d definitely suffer quite a bit.

More importantly, he was only worried about himself at the moment.

And so, he waved his hand with a smile.

“Alright! Sir York’s already decided.”

“Anyway, you need to help me, Sir York! I’ll keep it short.”

“It’s been so hard on me for the past few days!”

After hearing Kellan’s words, Cliff’s eyes lit up and he moved to the side..

Zarla glared coldly at Harvey; she was just looking for an opportunity to find out exactly how Harvey
managed to get Kellan on his side.

If she could break off the two, she was certain that judging from Kellan’s attitude, he would surely crush

“I’ve already sent the mirror back to be buried. I even brought the knife like you told me to, but…

“Even after that, I’ve been constantly getting into near-death situations recently!”

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